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Restaurant Rules


Australia houses a vibrant and exciting dining scene. Passionate chefs, a vast array of fresh produce, a culinary style that has evolved from a rick and exciting intermingling of cultures – and some fabulous backdrops – make the act of sitting down at a restaurant or café an exhilarating experience.

Unless of course you are trying to maintain a healthy eating regime. Then, the temptation to overindulge can sometimes prove a force too strong to be reckoned with.

The good news is Nutrition Australia has put together a repertoire of restaurant dining tips guaranteed to satisfy the tastebuds and soothe the conscious:

  • Choose tomato based pasta sauces
  • Opt for baked potatoes in place of fries and wedges
  • Go for low-fat delights – smoothies, milkshakes, yogurt and ice creams
  • Choose fresh vegetables, salads and lean meats – our talented chefs transform these nutrition necessities into exotic cuisine creations
  • Avoid high fats – anything fried or in batter, foods with creamy or cheesy sauces, foods ‘au beurre’ (in butter), garlic and herb bread and high fat meats such as processed meats and sausages. Keep in mind, cheese, oil or sour cream added to a dish will push up the fat content.

The same rules apply to fast foods, which are laden with hidden fats. If you do need to eat on the run, make a nutritionally sound take-away choice.

  • Choose hamburgers and steak sandwiches with salad and pineapple rather than ‘the lot’
  • Ask for no mayonnaise or margarine on the bun
  • Fill souvlaki or donor kebabs with extra salad or tabouli rather than loads of meat.
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